Features and History

The Institute of Health Policy and Management, National Taiwan University adheres to the founding purposes for promoting public health policies, creating of a healthy living environment, developing effective health-promoting programs, and building a fair and efficient health system. Through teaching, research, and service provision, the Institute aims to enhance the health and welfare of all mankind. The educational goals are to foster the backbone of public health manpower and to cultivate leaders of health policy and management who uphold health and human rights concepts, global visions, as well as professionalism. 


The Institute of Health Policy and Management (hereinafter referred to as the IHPM) can be traced back to the Graduate Institute of Public Health (GIPH) founded under the College of Medicine, NTU in 1951. The GIPH was the successor of the Institute of Tropical Medicine setup under the Taiwan Governor-General Office during the Japanese Colonial Period. The GIPH was established to provide on-job training for public health staff and to conduct publichealth related research. In 1961, the two teaching divisions – Public Health Division and Preventive Medicine Division were set up, and a master-level graduate program was commenced. In response to the growing needs of the society, more teaching divisions were set up, including the Divisions of Health Administration, Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, and Health Care Organization and Management. A doctorate program was also commenced in 1985. Since the establishment of the College of Public Health in 1993, the teaching divisions formerly under the GIPH were transformed and become independent graduate institutes of specialized fields, including the Institutes of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, Epidemiology, Health Care Organization and Administration, Environmental Health, Preventive Medicine. Meanwhile, the Heath Administration Division, the only division that remained under the GIPH was also restructured and reformed into the Institute of Health Policy and Management. In response to rapidly changing social environment and growing public health needs, the College of Public Health has continued to modify its structure of the organization. In August 2010, the Institute of Health Policy and Management and the Institute of Health Care Organization and Administration were merged, in order to strengthen exchange and cooperation among faculty members. Curriculum and other learning resources are currently under review and reorganization.